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This world is out of balance!

Together we can change it !

We aim to empower women regardless of race, creed, colour, belief or status, to take their rightful place in society - only then can this world take a step into a more balanced and sane future.

Wake Up Sisters, Time to Answer the Calling!

by Annabell of The Old Ways 2008

Wake up! Wake up! No more time to sleep.

May apathy be gone along with the chains of oppression of women.

Reach down into your hearts, open your souls, and feel the calling.

The calling of the Sacred Feminine

The power of being at peace with who you are.

The power of your connection with your Sisters and The Mother.

Be the empowered, sensual, loving, compassionate woman that you are.

Connect and understand the strength and intuitive wisdom that brings.

Time to awaken Sisters, to help each other grow.

To stand together, to walk together, to feel the power together.

Together, in love and harmony, we can move mountains.

We organise gatherings, workshops and events for female empowerment, and spiritual & self development. We offer friendship and support to enable women to share wisdom, and to re-discover their Inner Goddess. We welcome contributions of skills and workshops from any woman wishing to share their wisdom with others.

We focus on women, but also organise mixed and family gatherings throughout the year. Contributions of wisdom, skills and workshops for our mixed and family gatherings are also much appreciated.

Our Aims...

...are to create a Global Sisterhood for individual spiritual and self development in our own unique paths. To then work together to bring about positive social change. To work together without ego for the good of the global community.

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